"Innis" by Jim Killen
DU 2010 Dog Of The Year

"Innis" by Jim Killen DU 2010 Dog Of The Year -Killen Family News News about the Jim Killen Family. - Whats New with the Killens?
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"Innis" by Jim Killen
DU 2010 Dog Of The Year
This Original Painting is in a private collection

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel & Ducks Unlimited
2010 "Dog of the Year"

Innis, a yellow Labrador retriever from Holland, Mich., has been selected as the 2010 Jack Daniel's Single Barrel-Ducks Unlimited "Dog of the Year." As part of the winning package, Innis will be featured in the Single Barrel gift tin package available this fall and his owners, Tim and Lisa Gort, will receive an original painting of their dog by famed wildlife artist Jim Killen.

The Jack Daniel's Single Barrel brand asked consumers to submit a story about their yellow Lab and what made it so special. The story submitted by Innis' owners struck a special chord with the judges, who were unanimous in his selection as 2010 Dog of the Year:

From the owner's winning entry:

In March of 2009, my 5 year old faithful companion Innis was diagnosed with cancer in his knee joint. In April his left hind leg was amputated and I thought this would most likely be the end of his hunting career. However, his desire and his love of the outdoors did not stop him. On the opening of the 2009 duck season, Innis made a long retrieve and a blind retrieve as he always had.

His next big test would be our annual pheasant hunting trip to Minnesota which he passed with flying colors. Innis has been an inspiration to me. He has shown me that even when life is not going our way, we should not let it get us down and we should keep doing what we love. He is my faithful friend and companion.

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